Skirms Ave came to be when Matt Skirten (Skirms) and Lisa Aveiro (Ave.) came together. We started with one property in downtown London. Our goal originally was to have investment properties and have a property management company look after them. However we both found that we were not getting the level of attention to detail that we think a property management company should provide. We were not just looking for a company to manage our property but also educate us on applicable by-laws and how to make our investment that much more profitable. At Skirms Ave. we want to provide both our landlords and tenants with an actual full encompassing service.

With Lisa coming from a family business in construction, where she spent 15 years climbing the ladder, she has a vast knowledge of contract management, account management and construction. She has built great relationships with many contractors and clients alike; a network that has no limits.

Matt comes from a background in lean manufacturing and contract negotiation. Currently working as a Procurement Specialist for a large firm that spans across Canada has also given him an endless network of contacts. His family had rental properties in the past, which gave him firsthand experience of the good, bad and ugly that comes with property management.

Together we are able to do any project, and manage any property we take on. We are professional, respectful and honest individuals, who strive to make every client not just satisfied with choosing Skirms Ave., but feel like we have gone above and beyond their expectations. We also want to ensure that we build relationships with our tenants and that they feel equally treated. Mutual respect and honesty between the landlords, tenants and Skirms Ave is our goal at all times.

We believe that in order for our business to grow we need ALL of our clients to grow with us!

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